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Two men accused of impersonating as federal agents in Washington DC have been slapped with weapons charges on Tuesday. In a grand jury indictment, 40-year-old Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali, 35, were charged with unlawful possession of large-capacity ammunition on top of charges of luring Secret Service agents with luxurious gifts and free apartments that had them believe they worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

According to CNBC, the weapons seized from the men were magazines and an ammunition feeding device for Sig Sauer and Glock semiautomatic pistols. Prosecutors said the fake federal agents managed to dupe Secret Service agents with false information and made-up stories while lavishing them with access to luxury apartments in an effort to get on their good side and integrate them with law enforcement.

During a raid of the luxury apartment building in Washington, investigators did a search of five apartments rented out by the two men. The FBI found gas masks, body armor, drones, radios, police training manuals, equipment used to break through doors, as well as surveillance equipment, and a high-powered telescope.

Taherzadeh’s legal representative, Michelle Peterson argued in her client’s defense that he had no intention of compromising the agents and had only gifted them lavishly mainly for the reason of wanting to be their friend. Peterson added that Taherzadeh had even acquired a legal license as an unarmed police officer in Washington, which is equivalent to a private guard tasked to provide security for people as well as property.

In his interview with investigators, Taherzadeh’s lawyer said he was also a licensed private detective and admitted that her client’s actions that led to his arrest were “an embarrassing misrepresentation” that got out of hand.

Meanwhile, Ali’s lawyer, Greg Smith came to his defense citing that his client had no idea Taherzadeh had been lying about his connections with Homeland Security. Smith said, Ali truly believed his friend was indeed working with the government.

Four Secret Service Agents, including one assigned to protective detail for First Lady Jill Biden and the White House, have already been placed on administrative leave for their involvement with the two men.

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