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The 20-year old Leah Jumeaux staged her own kidnapping scheme and sent pictures to her ex-boyfriend showing herself tied up and gagged, demanding a ransom of £2,000 ($2,700) in exchange for a safe return in Oct. 2020.

Jumeaux previously executed a fake kidnapping plot and asked for a ransom in exchange for safety. She pretended to be her own kidnapper, photographed herself next to a gun and messaged her former partner, trying to rip him off. However, this whole bizarre idea failed when she was reported to the police. The authorities later forced her to tell the truth and confess. The young woman soon admitted that she made the whole thing up because she wanted the money to buy some Christmas presents for her family.

Detective Constable Lisa Carr of Lancashire Police said, "Jumeaux's behaviour and actions were bizarre." Carr continued, "She staged a kidnap in a failed attempt to con money out of a former boyfriend, posing tied up with a gun next to her. When the matter was reported to police, Jumeaux's story quickly fell apart, with her admitting in interview she wanted the money to buy Christmas presents for her family."

"I hope a custodial sentence will give her time to reflect the gravity of her actions and learn from her very serious mistakes," describing the mistake made by the young woman while hoping for a severe reflection in her time in prison.

Jumeaux appeared before Blackpool Magistrates' Court in September. A resident of Blackpool, Lancashire she was bailed ahead of a trial but pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court Friday. She was charged with blackmail and fraud by false representation, and sentenced to 34 weeks in a young offenders institution. Jumeaux is also required to pay a victims surcharge worth of £156 ($210).

Information regarding the ransom money was not revealed. It is not known whether or not the £2,000 ($2,700) ransom was paid or if Jumeaux already managed to spend it buying gifts for her family before being uncovered and detained by the police. Meanwhile, her former partner remained anonymous throughout the court case.

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