Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Joe Biden and Donald Trump are likely set for a rematch in 2024. AFP

A new study continues to solidify the argument that president Joe Biden keeps losing support among voters of color (that is, Blacks and Latinos). Now Gallup showed that Biden's approval rate has been dropping among all major subgroups of society, but emphasizes that this has been particularly pronounced among young adults and people of color.

Overall, the study says, Biden is is viewed favorably by 41% of U.S. adults, eight percentage points below his 49% favorable rating in October 2020. Among people of color his rating has seen a 16-point drop since October 2020. And while the overall figure is still higher than among Whites, the fall is much steeper.

Biden's favorable ratings since 2020
The president has seen a steady drop in support Gallup

In contrast, Trump's image among these demographics has rebounded. "People of color are now eight points more likely to view him favorably than they were heading into the 2020 election (35% today vs. 27% then)," says Gallup. Trump did lose support among White adults and college graduates, it adds.

"The net result of these changes is that Biden and Trump are now viewed favorably by roughly equal percentages of Americans, but Trump has the better image among men, young adults, White adults, non-college graduates and Republicans, while Biden is seen better by women, older Americans, people of color, college graduates and Democrats," summarizes the study, conducted between December 1 and 20 among 1,013 adults.

Trump's favorable ratings since 2020
Trump, in contrast, has rebounded with these demographics Gallup

The assessment seems to be shared by Democrats, as they are increasing their spending to appeal to voters of color.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced a $35 million investment to increase its level of engagement with Latino voters, as well as Blacks, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, according to a report by Axios.

The outlet added that the money will be mostly spent on research and polling, as well as paid media, organizing, voter education and protection and battling misinformation. It will include outreach in many different languages, including Spanish.

"The DCCC's significant, early investment and focused effort to persuade and mobilize people of color will help us win back the majority so we can continue to deliver for the American people," Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-Calif.) said in a statement to Axios Latino.

Other surveys also show Biden's decreasing support among the Latino electorate. A USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll from late December showed Biden trailing Trump 39-34% with this demographic. The study highlights that in 2020 he had received 65% of the support, compared to Trump's 32%.

Another poll, from CNBC All-America, had Trump with a 5-point lead over current Biden in late December, becoming the first time the former President was ahead in such a poll over his likely competitor in next year's elections. The same poll from two months before had Biden with a 7-point lead.

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