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A 22-year-old man in Florida has been arrested in connection with the murder of an active-duty Coast Guard member on Aug. 3. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced that the suspect, identified as Tyree Levon Parker, has been appropriately charged upon his arrest on Tuesday.

According to Fox News, reports from authorities stated that Parker allegedly used a stolen firearm to shoot 27-year-old Caroline Schollaert outside of her home. The firearm was taken from an unlocked vehicle in the same neighborhood just 11 days prior.

The victim was on the phone speaking with the Communications Center when she confronted the suspect. Schollaert tried to stop Parker from breaking into her car and held him at gunpoint then ordered him to remain until police arrived. Parker refused to comply and fired several shots at Schollaert resulting in her death.

Police and first responders arrived at the scene and attempted to save her life. Schollaert unfortunately did not survive her injuries and died later at the hospital.

A reward of $18,000 dollars was also offered by authorities to anyone with information on the suspect. The Sheriff’s homicide team, composed of JSO detectives, patrol officers, and a SWAT team working together, were able to gather information provided by several citizens along with mounting evidence that led them to locate and arrest Parker. Deputies said the suspect turned himself in to the police.

The suspect is charged with murder in the second degree and currently awaits trial. “A crime of opportunity in the burglary of a vehicle escalated within seconds resulting in a violent killing of a woman who dedicated her life to serving her country,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

Meanwhile, the fallen 27-year-old member of the US Coast Guard Helcopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron was commemorated across the country last week by veterans, military members and first responders. She was flown home to Chesterfield County Airport on Tuesday.

During an interview with NBC 12, the victim’s heartbroken father, Patrick Schollaert, described his daughter's murder as "a struggle, minute by minute." "She looked out for the kids who were picked on and bullied, and she never quit that," he said.

The Virginia Patriot Guard Riders as well as other motorcycle organizations will escort Schollaert back home from the airport.

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