A 22-year-old woman is facing aggravated manslaughter charges after she allegedly left her two kids unattended in a bathtub resulting in the death of a seven-month-old child in Miami.

The woman was identified as Alyssa Jimmie who allegedly left her two kids unattended in a bathtub with the water running. It was added that the 22-year-old mother went to the home garage to get her nails done at the time of the incident.

Jimmie left unattended her three-year-old child and a seven-month-old baby named Prince Mejia on May 20, the Miami Herald reported.

The mother said that the garage was 62-feet away and claimed that the plug was not inserted in the tub when she left the two infants there with the water running.

She returned after 10 minutes to check on her kids and found the drain plugged with a towel and the tub filled with water. Prince was found floating face down.

Jimmie claims that her three-year-old child knew how to plug the drain with a face towel.

After finding her baby floating face down, the 22-year-old ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911 for help. According to doctors, Prince did not have a heartbeat for 45 minutes. The child was rushed to a local hospital but attending medical personnel were unable to resuscitate him.

The 7-month-old child died three days later. The baby’s death was determined to be due to accidental drowning.

“This is just a horrible accident and the family and Alyssa haven't had a chance to grieve at all," Defense attorney Pat Dray said. "She is devastated about the loss of her child."

Jimmie was released on a $10,000 bond following a court hearing on Thursday.

Her father, Cesar Jimmie, spoke about her daughter and batted that Alyssa did not do this intentionally.

"It's been hard the past few days," he told the judge at the time. "Alyssa has always been a good daughter, she's always been a great older sibling, she's always loved her children… she didn't do this intentionally."

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