A man in Las Vegas, Nevada was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly killed a man with a brick before leaving him in the streets, with authorities looking into the motive behind such a killing.

Christopher David, a 42-year-old man from Las Vegas, Nevada, was found by police officers dead in a presumably-empty dirt lot near the intersection between the Four Seasons Drive and South Las Vegas Boulevard, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Someone reported finding David unresponsive at around midnight on Monday. Medical personnel who came to the scene pronounced the man dead. A later autopsy ruled that he had died from blunt force trauma, and his death was ruled a homicide by local authorities, 8 News Now reported.

After searching for a time for the potential killer, 27-year-old Malik Price was arrested not far from where David was found, and has been charged with open murder for the death of the former. Officers claimed that he had killed David by “[strike] in the head with a brick,” PEOPLE reported.

A brick that had blood in it and is believed to be the murder weapon was also found at the scene of the crime, and though its link to the killing has been unconfirmed, it is believed by authorities to have been the weapon used to kill David.

Price’s behavior has been reported to the police by multiple witnesses, with one claiming that the former had punched him violently while another claimed that Price had attempted to sell him a gun. The suspect was reportedly uncooperative while the police attempted to read him his Miranda rights, but he allegedly confessed to the crime while collecting a DNA sample from him. “I did it. I'm a filthy murderer. Yup, I hit him upside with a tombstone… I saw a sign to be a violent gentleman today,” he allegedly said.

He is currently in custody at the Clark County Detention Center, and has been denied bail by the court. Price was been scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Brick Weapon Representational Image
A man in Las Vegas was arrested on Tuesday after being linked to the murder of another man in the area, reportedly using a brick to strike him in the head and kill him. This is a representational image. Hal Gatewood/Unsplash.