A man was arrested on Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada for stabbing multiple people outside of a casino in the middle of the day, with over two people being killed, and his immigration records being looked over to see if he is in the country legally.

Yoni Barrios, a 32-year-old man, was arrested after stabbing multiple people outside the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. Reports say that he started attacking people after asking for a picture with two street performers, and lashing out at them after he felt like they were mocking him, ABC News reported.

“Barrios started running and looking for groups of people so he could ‘let the anger out,’” the arrest report claimed. The surviving performers from whom he asked a picture, claimed that he took out a knife saying that he was a chef, making the group uncomfortable.

Footage from the casino shows Barrios stabbing the group, before going down the sidewalk where he stabbed Brent Allan Hallett, continuing to go south and stabbing two more people, before turning east on Sands Avenue and stabbing another two people before he was stopped by authorities.

Two victims were killed in the incident: Hallett, 47 years old, and Maris Mareen Digiovanni, 30 years old. Six others were injured and taken to the hospital, with two of them being in stable condition while the other four’s condition has not yet been publicized, according to ABC 7.

Hallett was stabbed in the back by Barrios and died at the scene, while Digiovanni was transported to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada before succumbing to her wounds.

Barrios resided in California, in the East Hollywood area, and authorities believe that he was originally from Guatemala before crossing the border at Mexico. Many are now looking into his background to ensure that he crossed the border legally.

He was reportedly arrested in California for driving under the influence and a domestic violence episode and allegedly has a wife and kids still living there, though authorities are still verifying the authenticity of the source.

Hotel workers claimed that Barrios arrived on the Strip, claiming to be a chef and attempting to sell the knives that he had with him. He also reportedly asked a janitor at the Wynn about possible job opportunities in the hotel.

Representational image of a knife
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