A 28-year-old jealous doctor of Ipswich in Suffolk, England tried to sabotage his former lover's other relationships, and now he will be behind bars for 15 months.

Javed Saumtally had a brief relationship with his flatmate while living in Brighton, East Sussex, and after parting ways, the doctor was still "obsessed" with his former lover. The doctor harassed the man for 18 months by sending fake abusive texts from others to try to stop his ex-partner from moving on, and also created bogus screenshots on WhatsApp to make it look like his flatmate's new lover had not been faithful to him, according to Daily Mail.

At a recent hearing at Brighton Crown Court, Saumtally was sentenced to 15 months in jail, reported BBC.

The doctor had taken "extraordinary steps" in the deception, said Judge Jeremy Gold QC, who described him as a qualified doctor and a "highly able young man."

Gold QC said, "It's a tragedy that I should have to deal with you for such a serious offence as perverting the course of justice." According to the judge, the defendant took "extraordinary steps," and had "developed an unhealthy obsession" with his former lover.

Jealous of the man, Saumtally sent "abusive and derogatory messages," to his ex-lover and to himself in order to make it look like "he was also a victim," and later made false reports to cops in a "devious, determined and technologically adept" plot, prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson told the court. Atkinson added that Saumtally's lies were part of a "concerted ploy to deliberately undermine the relationships of his flatmate" while pretending to act as an understanding companion and friend.

In connection with the harassment, one of his flatmate's ex-lovers was interviewed by cops and he had to spend almost 15 hours in police custody. Police had held on to the flatmate's former partner's device for more than 50 days, which he said "felt like COVID isolation," but finally his name was cleared.

The false accusations had been "life changing" for the flatmate's former lover. He said that it was important for him to get justice and find out why such "deceitful lies were told to me," and was "deeply hurtful" to have their time together destroyed in "such a bitter way."

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