A Brighton doctor faces an ongoing trial for creating fake screenshots and sabotaging the relationships of his flatmate, whom he had feelings for.

According to Daily Mail, Javed Saumtally went to the extremes to execute his evil ploy, which included sending himself abusive texts and inventing a police officer as part of his web of deception. The incident dates back to the year 2018 when Saumtally was living in East Sussex. Not much has been disclosed about the practitioner’s mental health.

The 28-year-old currently lives in Ipswich, Suffolk, but was produced before the Hove Crown Court for trial on Wednesday afternoon after denying a charge of perverting the course of justice, the outlet reported.

A host of lies were concocted by Saumtally in order to make his roommate feel under threat and harassed, under the pretext of being a trusted companion. Prosecutor Jonathan Atkinson maintained that most of his crimes were rooted in envy, largely ‘motivated by his own feelings for his flatmate'. An in-depth probe into the episode brought to light the fact that Saumtally used fake messaging applications and websites to conceal his crimes and get on with the act.

In one of the self-sent messages, Saumtally pretended to be “harassed by one of his roommate's potential lovers” that read, “I’m going to ruin his life.”

According to BBC, Atkinson said the defendant acted around a very strategic plan, which entailed 'sending abusive and derogatory messages from unknown numbers' to not just his flatmate but also to himself, in an attempt to appear as a victim and deflect attention away from him.

Things however took a detour after it came to light that the man his flatmate had been seeing returned from a trip to Portugal and came across screenshots of WhatsApp messages that he had supposedly sent. The text messages appeared to hint at how he had been seeing other people on the trip.

The ‘faked’ messages, as prosecutors put it, were the turning point in the crime.

The defendant continues to deny charges and perverting the course of justice in the ongoing trial, which is expected to continue for about a week.

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