A woman organized a fake funeral for her cheating boyfriend as part of her revenge plan.

Thea Loveridge got pregnant and was looking forward to start a family with her boyfriend. But after delivering her child, she found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her during her pregnancy with his ex who "caused drama" while they were in a relationship, reported NZ Herald.

After splitting with her boyfriend, "he ended up in jail" because of other reasons. While he was behind bars, Loveridge said that the mistress "was messaging him trying to figure out where he was, all confused why he wasn't talking to her."

Loveridge then decided to get back at the mistress for causing problems in her relationship. "I messaged her and told her that he was dead," said Loveridge. To make it believable, she roped in his sister too.

"I got his sister to go along with it too. We had a fake funeral and everything. We sent photos from the funeral and it's been three years and she still thinks he's dead. "She posts little tributes on her Facebook page to the love of her life and is so sorry she couldn't be there with him when he died."

In another cheating case, a woman called out a man who created a Tinder profile to cheat on his girlfriend while he was on a work trip. A TikTok user named Ebony took to the social media platform to post a clip of the Tinder profile, reported Mirror. In the video, one can see a profile of a 22-year-old man named Greg who is spending the night in Limerick, Ireland as part of his work trip.

Greg admitted on his profile that he is in a relationship with someone, but wants to "spice up" his night by inviting someone to his hotel room. The profile has photos of the room and reads, "Working in Limerick for the night and staying in the city centre, have a hotel room all to myself. Being honest I've sort of a girlfriend back home, hence the no pictures.

"Just looking for someone who wants to spice up their Thursday night. Swipe and we can hopefully sort something out."

Ebony shared photos of the profile hoping that Greg's girlfriend finds them. She wrote, "If your boyfriend's called Greg and is in Limerick working for the night in a hotel, I have some news for you."

A couple walk across the Charles Bridge early morning on April 28, 2021 in Prague. Photo by MICHAL CIZEK/AFP via Getty Images