In a dramatic turn of events, a woman confronted her cheating husband and his girlfriend at the airport, with the other woman's spouse in tow.

Tiffany Coats, a TikTok enthusiast used the social media and video sharing platform to unfold a personal story of how she caught her cheating husband, red-handed. She goes by the name on TikTok and posted a series of short videos, explaining to the viewers about her plan to call her husband out. She didn't just catch her husband traveling with his girlfriend, but she also went a step ahead and contacted the other woman's partner and got him to be a part of the plan, The Mirror reported.

Coats, initially grew concerned when her husband told her he was going to Las Vegas and she contacted the airline to find out who he was flying with. When the airline told her the name of the woman, she immediately looked it up on Facebook and tracked down her husband to inform him of the news.

Coats and the woman's husband then drove to the airport and sat in the baggage claim area, waiting for their respective cheating partners. The TikTok update, which was posted on Sunday, contains a caption over small video clips.

Coats' video has her looking at the camera for the majority of the footage before shrugging her shoulders and explaining what happened at the airport. The video then cuts to her heading to baggage claim to confront her cheating husband, which was shot inside the airport.

"I found out my then-husband took his GF to Vegas by calling the airline and convincing them to give me the name on the other tix," she wrote atop the video.

Coats appears to be filming from inside the airport in one of the videos, and she can be seen being antsy, and tapping her foot on the floor as she waits for her husband to show up. The video garnered several comments. One of the comments said, "I'm sorry that happened to you. It's truly an awful feeling, but this is brilliant! Patiently waiting for part two."

Another user, under the name Liz, said, "Lol brooooo imagine seeing this happen in person."

TikTok has begun to serve as a platform for entertainment and also a platform for users who wish to share their personal updates with the audience.

The victim, better known by her online name Lhamo, was an influencer on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. Her brutal death was filmed as the attack occurred while she was live-streaming on Douyin at her father's home on Sept. 14, 2020, the court said. This is a representational image. PIXABAY