A 29-year-woman apparently spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) during lockdown.

The woman is now having daily encounter with the extraterrestrial beings. Lily Nova, who hails from St Louis, Missouri, said that it was in November 2020 that she had her first encounter with aliens. This happened after she took up astrophotography to get rid of her lockdown boredom, reported The Sun.

Aliens have approached her in all manner of spacecraft, including metallic ships and black triangles. She said that her first encounter with aliens and UFOs was "very intense." She went outside for fresh air one night and she immediately "locked eyes with bright light hovering over the neighborhood."

Nova started investigating and realized it was a UFO, and seconds later she looked away briefly. When she looked back there was a "second craft that was much closer." She claimed to have been able to see the "triangular shape of the craft." Nova added that the UFOs did some "impressive maneuvers to show me that it wasn't a regular aircraft before they disappeared above me."

The whole experience spooked her because aliens and UFOs "aren't something I have thought about much before." For her, it was a total "reality shifting experience."

This was followed by second encounter that happened a couple of months later. Then the encounters happened more frequently and "now I am having experiences daily."

Nova said that she knows what some of the aliens look like, reported Mirror She shared that one of the first beings she saw was a "girl with light blue skin. She had no hair, but she was very beautiful." Describing her outfit, she said that the girl was wearing a "skin tight grey suit and I saw her ship mates standing behind her in the same uniform."

She has also seen "another group of beings with light blonde hair, fair and glowing skin and bright blue eyes." She believes the aliens send images of themselves to her through telepathy.

Nova claimed that her "encounters have been very close from the start." She could not believe what she was seeing, "it was groundbreaking and it piqued my interest in astrophotography even more." She even left her career as a nutritionist because it was "overtaken by my passion for finding out more about UFOs and aliens."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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