A video showing an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over Pakistan’s capital Islamabad in broad daylight has stunned alien experts.

Some of the UFO hunters are calling the clear video one of the best evidences yet for extraterrestrial activity, reported Daily Star. Arslan Warraich said that he spent almost two hours watching the “triangular” object. It appeared to be made of a black material that absorbs light. Warraich, who grew up in Birmingham, still doesn't know "what it was."

He recorded it for more than 12 minutes at different times, took several pictures and watched it for the "best part of two hours." He said that to the naked eye it appeared to be a black round rock but when he zoomed in, he could see it was "roughly the shape of a triangle with a clear bulge on top towards the back."

According to him, the object was solid black and had no sharp edges. It was not reflecting too much light and "no lights were emanating from it." In Warraich's footage, the mystery object was seen hanging motionless over Islamabad's DHA 1 district. Several birds and a fly also crossed into the shot, showing the clear difference between them and the object.

Warraich said that he flies drones, so he knew it wasn't "a commercial drone." According to him, it made no sense for the military to be "flying secret drones over a posh area of Islamabad where most of the army and Government officers live."

When the 33-year-old shared the video online, UFO enthusiasts were bowled over by the clarity of the object, reported Mirror. One viewer commented that the recording was "extremely high quality." Another suggested the object was a perfect match for a sighting they'd had in New York. They wrote that it was just like this, with no blinking lights, but "just floating in the sky for about four minutes and then it went up until it was completely gone.”

Warraich believes that humans are not alone in the universe, reported The Sun. He noted that with the number of stars and planets in the known universe, "it is statistically impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in this universe." He feels that there must be civilizations much "more advanced than us and then there must be others that are just starting out."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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