An unidentified flying object (UFO) expert has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sabre-rattling over Ukraine is preventing any chance humans have of alien contact.

Nick Pope believes that aliens, who keep a close eye on our planet, will see Russia’s escalation of tensions with its neighbor as “primitive behavior," reported Daily Star. The ufologist claimed that sophisticated alien civilizations, who he thinks would be light years ahead of humans, might view it as a reason not to get in touch with people. Pope said that highly evolved extraterrestrials (ETs) probably regard "warfare as something that only primitive civilizations engage in." So, he thinks that the Ukraine situation means "we’re unlikely to get an invitation to join the Galactic Federation for the time being.”

Even though Russia has denied planning an invasion of Ukraine, it has moved as many as 100,000 troops to their border. As tensions are growing by the day, US President Joe Biden approved the deployment of 3,000 American troops to Germany, Poland and Romania. This move is intended to help the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries in Eastern Europe that feel threatened.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has accused Putin of wanting to recreate the Soviet Union by invading Ukraine. But Pope said that although Russian troops outnumber their British counterparts, aliens were likely to understand why the UK would join in any fight against Russian intimidation. Pope added that ETs might "wonder at the wisdom of the UK going up against Russia, but would probably realize that being in a coalition helps." And if the aliens knew their Earth history, Pope said that they would know "never to write off the Brits.”

He previously investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defense and moved to America about a decade ago. In the past, he made a number of controversial comments about ETs and politics, according to The Sun. He recently said that he thinks aliens wouldn't think too highly of Biden. He claimed that aliens would think the American leader "comes across as a doddery, forgetful old man." But he added that it could all be an act because Biden is "smart enough to give his Vice President (Kamala Harris) all the difficult jobs, so she gets the blame when it all goes wrong."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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