A space buff, who has immense interest in unidentified flying objects (UFO), has provided "proof" of aliens.

According to Daily Star, Scott Waring took to his website UFO Sightings Daily to post an image of a reddish, brown object which he claims to be orbiting Earth. Waring, who has been following the International Space Station's (ISS) live stream for the last six years, said that he knows a rare sighting when he sees one.

He told people Wednesday to watch the space station's footage and said that they will see a "close-up of a huge sphere UFO rising up in Earth's orbit." He dismissed suggestions that it's the moon as the moon is "five times bigger and bright."

The teacher from Taiwan explained that the object that he spotted was "much smaller, oval in shape and has some unique red or green colors to it." He believed that what was picked up on camera was nothing but an extraterrestrial controlled spaceship. He claimed that he and others have seen such UFOs orbiting Earth's moon, but "this event is a very rare one to see orbiting Earth."

He noted that the UFO that he saw was "several times bigger than the space station." He called it an absolutely amazing catch and said that it's "100% proof that aliens are watching over Earth."

This comes after he recently thanked his fans for donating to his fundraiser so that he could buy a new computer that was capable of meeting his UFO investigation demands, according to Mirror.

The UFO enthusiast recently spotted something that he believed was a secret base in Antarctica made by aliens long time ago, reported Daily Star. Waring, who was "messing with Google Earth map" when he made the discovery, said that he believed the sighting was proof of an ancient alien structure that is being studied. He added that when he changed the time of the photographs, an earlier image revealed an "airport runway freshly made, dozens of trailers, tractors and it looks like the mound was being excavated by scientists and military." He believed that they found an "ancient alien structure under the snow and ice."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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