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Video footage of glowing orange orbs “flying in formation” across Baltimore night skies was captured by a man heading home from shopping likened to UFOs. Baltimore local Symkai Scott, 42, spotted about six or seven distinctive round orange lights hovering in the air in uniform formation.

According to The Sun, Scott posted the footage online to seek out some answers as to what he had caught on video. A wave of comments surprised him as her came to know that other social media users claimed to have witnessed identical sightings recently in Washington DC, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Detroit and other cities across the United States. Symkai even heard from someone in Scotland saying they had seen the same lights.

One person from northern California stated that he had seen about 30 of these orbs traveling slowly in a single file line and then vanished in just seconds. Skeptical netizens suggested the lights Scott saw could have been drones, police helicopters or even Chinese floating lanterns. However, he argued that if these were lanterns, they were “awfully coordinated to keep steady in that type of formation.”

Scott also disputed the possibility that they were police helicopters because these usually make a noticeable noise, citing that the floating orange UFOs were silent. As he recalled his experience, the stunned man said the lights had a very distinctive orange glow to them, counting around six or seven big bright orbs. “I also thought they were awfully bright to be seen under the street lights in the city. You can see the glare from the street lights in the video,” Scott said.

The lights suddenly vanished quickly after he stopped filming and rushed inside his building to share what he witnessed to a friend. Openly admitting that he is a believer in the existence of extraterrestrial beings, Scott is not the only witness to these phenomena happening across America.

UFO sightings are not uncommon around the globe and the US is home to many such instances. Alleged sightings of strange lights, spaceships and even a plethora of alien abduction tales have been gaining much publicity and attention in recent years.

Just last month, a series of bright flickering lights were reportedly seen across Tennessee flying in random patterns. A video clip of the sighting was uploaded to Reddit leaving users baffled and locked in debate as to what these lights could be. At the same time, a UFO was spotted near the International Space Station during a live feed. The object was described to be a white, cylinder-shaped device that was seen on the same day that "high-speed" objects were caught hovering near NASA's International Space Station.

The question of “Are we alone?” has long been the big UFO debate, privy only to American politics and top tier government officials. However, since the Pentagon published reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, this marked a turning point after US military and intelligence officials examined more than 140 alleged sightings bringing lawmakers much concern on issues of security risks to the US.

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