10 mysterious black objects circling the International Space Station have been spotted by a stargazer known as “Mr MBB333” and now varying conspiracy theories have popped up. Some are now wondering if these black probes are UFOs possibly following the space station.

Footage from the NASA live stream shows the orb-like objects and such has sparked discussions on social media. Most of those who gave their take were alien hunters, each with varying opinions on a screen grab from footage taken when the space station was hovering above the South Atlantic at around 8:30 a.m.

"What it looks like to me is there's a whole bunch of Black Knight probes,” one unidentified person stated.

For those who may now know, Black Knight satellites are theories tied to extraterrestrial spacecraft orbiting the Earth. There are insinuations that NASA is engaged in covering it up.

However, others feel otherwise. Others allege that they could be part of some advanced technology that is being used to collect data.

These observations come not long after several mysterious orbs flying past the space station during a live feed were spotted. The footage was captured on video and even replayed in slow motion by one observer.

"It looked to be perfectly spherical, similar to other UAPs that have been documented and seen throughout the skies of Earth,” truth-seeker Graham commented. "It's very bright, which could be due to some kind of mechanical lighting or even a plasma."

This comes not long after it was reported in a previous post how these UFOs may have some advanced technology unknown to man. Professor Madhu Thanavelu from the USC's Department of Astronomical Engineering batted that the UFO sightings are authentic and that these do things that are beyond the technology available humans have right now.

"That we don't use in our technologies, our technologies won't allow us to fluff body vehicles, that is not aerodynamic vehicles, at extreme rates of speed and very quick maneuvers and shifting speeds and, most of all, the disappearing from sight or transforming from an aircraft into a submersible without even a splash," Thanavelu quipped.

A famous old photograph showing a UFO creative commons

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