To this delay, a clear explanation of the reported Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) sightings has yet to come out. And according to a top scientist, the ones included in a Pentagon report show physics that we cannot understand.

The sightings have been recorded by the US Navy. And scientists admit that this whole occurrence cannot rule out the existence of aliens on earth. One leading space engineer adds that these UFOs may be using technologies that humans may not understand.

These arguments come not long after most were eagerly awaiting the official report after the US government issued a report towards the end of last month on 143 sightings. This development has already led many to believe that Earth has already been invaded by extraterrestrials.

However, the debate rages on whether these sightings are real or not. But according to Professor Madhu Thanavelu, of USC's Department of Astronomical Engineering, they are authentic and these do things that are beyond the technology available that we have right now.

"This particular report is underwhelming,. We expected that,” Thanavelu stated. "It is real. These objects are not hallucinations by our professional pilots because they are trained to observe."

On the point on whether these are alien objects, it may be pretty hard to tell. But as far as the flight dynamics of these sightings, he admits that their physics is pretty hard to understand.

"That we don't use in our technologies, our technologies won't allow us to fluff body vehicles, that is not aerodynamic vehicles, at extreme rates of speed and very quick maneuvers and shifting speeds and, most of all, the disappearing from sight or transforming from an aircraft into a submersible without even a splash," Thanavelu explained.

Also, Thanavelu believes that with the telescopes we have right now, sensitivities grow better and may lead to seeing some sign of living things better.

"NASA scientists think that in the next 30 or40 years, we will have pinned down life in the universe,” Thanavelu batted. "We may need help from our rivals to make some conclusions on this matter."

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