There is no confirmation of what the sighting was, but many believe that they recently saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Australia after spotting strange lights "ping-ponging" across the sky.

The so-called UFO was spotted on the south coast, near the border with Victoria, Australia on Sept. 7 and the lights moved rapidly for five minutes at least, according to Daily Star.

According to the UFO Hunters, two people saw flashing light moving rapidly over the ocean, it "accelerated quickly to the left then hovered with random flashes of light getting bright." It apparently "ping-ponged back and forth up and down and then hovered while slowly fading out." The witnesses also saw white, red and blue colors when they came across the so-called UFO. After checking the flight radar, they found nothing was in the air near their location. They clearly found the sighting very interesting.

This isn't the first time that someone claimed to have spotted a mysterious object in the sky in Australia, and associated it with objects from another planet.

In April, 9News reported that mysterious lights were seen over the early morning skies in Melbourne, Australia and made residents believe they had come across a fleet of unidentified objects. One witness, Matt, said that he saw the lights in the sky and then another one came. It was followed by many more, so he wondered what was going on.

He walked out to the front of his house and he looked back to where the objects were coming from, and he found a whole string of them. To him, it seemed like someone had unraveled Christmas lights and hung them up in the sky. But going by a scientific explanation for the bright lights, it turned out to be a series of satellites returning to Earth. Disappointed, Matt said that he would have preferred them to be UFOs rather than satellites.

It’s not just in Australia where UFO believers stay. Many have claimed to have spotted such objects in different places. In fact in June, the US government published a report related to them. Though the report did not admit to the existence of aliens, it revealed that some of the objects appearing in the skies could not be explained by the Pentagon, and some pose “a safety of flight issue" and might even be a challenge to the American national security, according to The Guardian.

It was also revealed that the Pentagon has been taking UFOs seriously, and that in 2007 it set up a program, which has been collecting information on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena since then.

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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