Three men reportedly gang-raped a 21-year-old mentally impaired girl in Cairo.

Reports  claim three men allegedly committed the crime during Ramadan in broad daylight.

Toqa, the vicim, has been diagnosed with mental retardation.

Toqa's brother invited her to spend some time with his children, according to the family. When she arrived at her brother's house, she decided to play with her nephews.

She went out again the next day, around 9 a.m. local time, when her brother and his wife were still sleeping. Three strangers approached her and enticed her to an apartment close to her brother's home.

When Toqa's brother woke up, he searched for her using mosque microphones and social media to call for help. He also immediately alerted police over the incident.

Officials then began an investigation and checked security footage from the location where the girl was last seen.

After a 24-hour search, authorities found the girl in a location far from her brother's home, with signs of violence on her body. 

A butcher shop owner and eyewitnesses claimed that three men locked the girl up. When they finished their crime, they failed to lock the doors and fled, allowing the victim to flee.

The three offenders, all of whom were bus drivers, were identified and apprehended. Two of them are married with children, and the third was previously married but recently divorced. Most of them were drug users.

They confessed to luring the girl and repeatedly rapping her after being arrested and confronted with evidence. They will be reported to the prosecutor's office, which will take legal action against them.

Meanwhile, a 40-year-old man from the Giza governorate  kidnapped  a 17-year-old girl with an intellectual disability, kept her hostage for a month, and repeatedly raped her until she managed to flee.

In recent years, Egypt has seen an increase in the number of disabled persons being raped.  Vogue  said the Thomson Reuters Foundation named Cairo the most dangerous megacity for women in 2017. The United Nations estimated in 2013 that 99.3 percent of women surveyed in the city had encountered sexual harassment, the report added. the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights also called the systemic sexual abuse in Egypt a "social disease."

You can get clinical help from the  Egyptian Red Crescent  Psychosocial Support Unit and legal advice from  Es2al Mo7amek  if you've been the victim of sexual assault or abuse.

Sexual Harassment Representational image. Photo: Getty Images