A woman from Meerut was gang-raped and killed by unknown assailants and to add insult to injury, acid was poured all over her face so authorities will have a hard time identifying her.

Locals from the Bhawanpur area of Meerut found her body and reported the case to authorities on April 30, Friday. The police conclude that she was killed somewhere else then threw her body in a cane field on Ladpura road in Medpur village.

Authorities also confirmed that the woman is a local resident and her husband asserts the victim is mentally challenged and has been missing for three days, according to Uni India.

Her body is now up for autopsy in hopes that her assailants will be identified.

Meanwhile, a 70-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by unidentified miscreants near a hospital in the state of Odisha, India. The elderly woman was attending her granddaughter who was at a hospital for treatment.

The shameful incident happened Tuesday, April 27, in the premises of Dhenkanal District Headquarters Hospital (DHH). However, the incident came to light on Wednesday after the victim reported it to the police.

The woman was outside the hospital buying some snacks for her ill granddaughter when the miscreants approached her. The men dragged the elderly woman into a nearby building and took turns to sexually abuse her.

The men fled the scene leaving the old woman in the isolated building. The victim somehow gained the strength to walk back to the hospital. She was treated for her injuries and later transferred to a one-stop center on the hospital premises.

Police officials responded to the scene after hospital officials alerted them about the alleged incident.

The woman underwent a preliminary medical examination following which police officials confirmed the woman was gang-raped from which she sustained injuries.

Two suspects have been detained and are being interrogated, Sub-divisional police officer Sriharsha Mishra said.

Local sources believe that a contractual staff of the hospital and a tea vendor outside the campus was involved in the crime.

Mishra said this is an ongoing investigation and that the remaining suspects will be arrested soon.

The hospital made a statement promising to take strict disciplinary action against the staff if his involvement in the act is proven.

In a similar incident, a young girl was gang-raped by two men after they promised to give her the Covid-19 vaccine. The incident happened Tuesday, April 27, in the city of Patna, India.

The girl was leaving home from a Covid-vaccine center when the accused duo approached her and told her they can provide the vaccine. The victim accompanied the duo to an isolated house. The men tied up the girl’s legs and hands and then sexually abused her.

"The victim managed to free herself and reached home. She narrated her ordeal before her family members who approached local police. As the accused were known to her, we raided their respective houses on Wednesday morning and arrested them," a police official said.

Both suspects, Rocky and Monty were arrested and charged.

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A mother killed her son and severely injured her daughter in their home. Shutterstock/ Fer Gregory