A 33-year-old army veteran killed himself while live streaming on social media, a gruesome development that was reportedly witnessed by some social media users.

The deceased was identified as Ronnie McNutt, a 33-year-old Army veteran who last worked for a car manufacturing plant in Blue Springs, New Albany.

The incident reportedly happened on Aug. 30, 2020, all captured via his computer webcam. After the incident, warnings were spread to TikTok fans in the months that followed.

A close friend of McNutt, named Joshua Steen, tried to reach Facebook to shut down the live stream. This was after he found his friend drunk and with a single-shot rifle in hand that he initially misfired.

Aside from that, Steen called the police to McNutt’s house. He also tried to call the US war veteran but McNutt only entertained a call from his ex-girlfriend.

An argument reportedly broke out and McNutt ended up telling his viewers on live stream that “Hey guys, I guess that’s it.”

After saying that, McNutt placed the rifle under his chin and then pulled the trigger, blasting his face on camera.

The video would then spread over TikTok and appeared on its “For You” trending homepage.

"If you see this guy on your FYP [For You page] please scroll up immediately, it's very gruesome and I highly suggest you stay away from TikTok for a while," one unnamed user said.

According to a TikTok spokesperson, their systems had been trying to detect and flag the clips circulating on their platform.

"We are banning accounts that repeatedly try to upload clips, and we appreciate our community members who've reported content and warned others against watching, engaging, or sharing such videos on any platform out of respect for the person and their family,” the spokesperson said.

The reason behind McNutt’s act remains unverified. However, it was suggested that he had just lost his job at a Toyota plant in Blue Springs, New Albany and also broke up with his girlfriend before the suicide.

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