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Any parent would be devastated losing a child, particularly a newborn. Such is the case of a woman named Viktoria Ivanova who lost her newborn child after it was thrown out the window of a maternity ward and to its death.

The one who threw the baby out the window was identified as GP Dr. Alina Araslanova. It turns out that she has spent some time in a psychiatric hospital and had been treated for depression. She has since been detained after the horrific act.

Araslanova had just given birth earlier in the evening to her second girl when staff saw her walking towards Viktoria's bed.

According to reports, Araslanova just picked up the child and threw him to his death to a pavement 30-feet below the ward window. The incident left the mother, Viktoria, devastated.

"I have been killed with my child, I will never be the same," she stated.

Despite the deplorable act, Viktoria and her husband, Denis, said they would not press charges on Araslanova. They found a way to forgive the troubled doctor. For them, time heals all wounds.

Instead, Viktoria tries to look up and told someone that she hopes to have a daughter and a son one day. She and Denis are already blessed with two sons aged 12 and 8.

"I have been killed with my child, I will never be the same," Viktoria stated.

The baby was named Volodya who was just a couple of hours old before he was thrown out of the window by Araslanova.

Viktoria added that the loss of Volodya taught them to value and love even more. This included the baby, the grieving couple and their two sons.

"We do not hold evil, and forgive everyone, the maternity hospital, the doctors and the deranged woman who was with me in intensive care," Viktoria said.

Araslanova is now detained for two months as ordered by a judge. She was reportedly

She graduated from medical university six years ago and worked as a general practitioner in Kirgiz-Miyaki village. She and her husband Renat have a three-year-old daughter.

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