Depending on how superstitious a person may be, black cats are normally tagged as creatures carrying bad luck. However, that was not the case for this feline over in Bodmin, Cornwall.

It was a black cat’s meowing that aided rescuers in saving an 83-year-old woman who initially went missing. A friend reported the elder woman missing and a search at a farm got underway.

The search was futile at first and it was only when the missing woman’s cat was seen that led rescuers to her. It was found in the corner of a cornfield and responders went to check the area.

It was there that they located the missing woman who had fallen down a steep embankment. Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene as they hoisted the woman from the ridge.

When they were able to joist the woman, she was immediately placed on a stretcher and was then airlifted to a hospital. Bodmin Police posted on their official Facebook page about the whole incident.

"This afternoon, officers from Bodmin were tasked to conduct a search for a missing 83-year-old female,” the statement read.

"The female was located by a member of the public who had spotted the female’s cat, meowing in the corner of a large maize field near to her home address," it continued. "The elderly female had fallen approximately 70ft down a very steep embankment, with incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain.

The rescue was timely and the woman is reportedly now in stable condition. But there was no denying that it was the black cat named “Piran” who saved the day.

Many folks who heard the story on Cornwall Live praised the cat. Some even believed that the feline deserved a treat or two for saving the woman.

"Lots of respect to all concerned and Piran you are a hero too saving your mum," one reader quipped.

Representation Image: Black Cat
Representation Image: Black Cat Photo by Raquel Pedrotti on Unsplash

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