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A man from Nakuru has reported his wife to police after reportedly faking a pregnancy for nine months.

The man, identified as Wesley Rono, was aware that his wife was barren and could not conceive a child. However, he was surprised to find out that his wife named Patricia was pregnant.

However, it turns out that everything was a sham from the beginning. To make it look like she was truly pregnant, Patricia stuffed clothing in her belly to give Wesley the impression that she was pregnant.

Wesley was informed by Patricia about the pregnancy in December 2020. The businessman was happy at first but eventually realized that it was all a sham. He played along to see what his wife was up to, The Standard reported.

"I noticed she was stuffing clothes around her belly and she would not allow me to go near her belly or touch it," Wesley stated.

It should be noted that Wesley played along and even gave the woman the common support husbands would provide their wives.

But when it reached nine months, things took a different turn. The woman left home and told Wesley that she would just update him about the delivery.

To Wesley’s surprise, Patricia informed him that she had already given birth and was on her way home.

The woman initially went to her paternal home to recuperate and appeared at her marital home with a baby boy some days later. But Wesley said that the boy looked more like a four-year-old.

It was here where the businessman had enough and ended up reporting Patricia to the police.

“The entries in the prenatal book were forgeries. My wife had tried to fool me, which is unforgivable,” Wesley stated.

Patricia eventually confessed that she did buy the baby from a trafficker in exchange for tree seeding. There was no mention of what charges the woman would be facing and further actions and comments on the part of the gypped husband.

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