Algeria is dealing with the biggest wildfire in its history and the origin of it all has yet to be determined. Unfortunately, a group of unknown men felt they knew at least one person who started it, allegedly an artist and social activist named Jamal bin Ismael.

The group took matters into their own hands and reportedly set Jamal bin Ismael on fire. A video of the incident was captured and spread online, showing how the artist was burned alive and killed.

Tizi Ouzou has suffered the biggest wildfire in Algeria’s history that left the nation in national mourning for three days. More than 75 people were killed from the wildfires, including soldiers who tried to do rescue some residents situated in the areas that were on fire.

There were claims that the fires were set deliberately and the group pinpointed a man that was allegedly part of starting the wildfires.

But when videos of bin Ismael went viral, some still referred to him as a prominent artist. Also, the activist was reportedly among the people who were trying to help residents put out the fires.

Twitter users also blasted authorities for not lifting a finger in trying to protect bin, Ismael. They believed he was wrongfully accused and most condemned the attack. Some called on people to wait until the proper investigation are made before authorities could take action.

As of Aug. 11, the number of casualties from the Algeria wildfire has reached 77 people. That number also includes 28 army personnel.

There are claims that the fire was deliberately set, erupting in several parts of the forest ironically at the same time according to Abdelkader Amrouche, the attorney general for the region.

The fires started not long after the president stated planned measures to preserve and safeguard forest resources.

House Fire
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