Lady Gaga is known for her hugely popular and commercially successful pop, electronic and dance hits. But apparently, these are not her only favorite genre as she has already been revealed as a metalhead as well.

1. She Admitted Being A Metalhead On Instagram

The biggest proof that she’s into heavy metal is that Gaga admitted it herself. In an Instagram post, the “Pokerface” singer uploaded a photo of herself. She captioned her post with the word “METALHEAD,” which basically says it all.

2. She Performed With Metallica

During the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in 2017, Gaga collaborated with the band Metallica in a live performance. The artists sang the band’s song “Moth Into Flame,” and Gaga completed her heavy metal look by sporting a tattoo of the song’s logo.

3. She Has A Favorite Heavy Metal Song

Lady Gaga even revealed that she has a favorite heavy metal song when asked by a fan. “I’m a heavy metal dude and you’re my guilty pleasure music when nobody is watching. What’s music do you like that is strange or out of character to you?” a fan asked the singer on Reddit.

Gaga responded by dropping a lot of heavy metal names. “Last night when I got my tattoo of the monster paw, I was listening to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest,” the singer wrote back.

But that’s not all — she even revealed her favorite heavy metal music. “BLACK SABBATH By. BLACK SABBATH. I need to write a song called ‘LADY GAGA’ its the most metal thing you can do!” Gaga added when she was asked.

4. Another Metalhead Attested To It

As they say, it takes one to know one. In this case, it takes a metalhead to know a fellow metalhead.

Rob Halford knows about heavy metal more than most because he’s the singer of English heavy metal band Judas Priest. In an interview with San Francisco radio station 107.7’s Nikki Blakk, Halford said that Gaga is a total metalhead.

“And, of course, you look at her past and she’s a total metalhead,” Halford told Blakk of Gaga. “She started off strongly into rock and metal and you’ve seem [sic] pictures of her with Alice Cooper or Bruce [Dickinson] from [IRON] MAIDEN and all of these other people in metal; it just shows you that she’s committed to that.”

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga at 'The Born This Way' Ball Tour, Milan 02.10.2012. Lady Gaga/Flickr