With an alarming rise in liver cancer cases, health experts in the UK are now urging adults to take proactive measures— upon the slightest warning signs of what could be a terminally ill-health condition.

While liver cancer is difficult to treat, timely treatment benefits patients to a great deal— preventing the chances of the deadly disease from progressing into its final stages. As per a recent health report, around 23% of liver cancer cases are directly linked to other health conditions like obesity or weight issues, while 20 percent of it can be linked to daily activities like smoking.

Going by recent statistics from Cancer Research UK,  the number of deaths from liver cancer in the UK has risen by around 50% in the past decade. The figures seem to have multiplied ever since.

What needs to be noted is that since individuals of all ages are susceptible to liver cancer, a major number of cases have been reported from Asian and Black individuals.

1. Rapid weight loss.

Have you been losing a lot of weight, lately? While it could be a great diet coupled with workouts that work for you; if there’s nothing significant that you’ve done, in order for the weight to drop, you have something to worry about. Weight loss can be attributed to factors like anxiety, stress and eating disorders. Yet, research says that rapid weight loss in a short span could be a sign of an underlying health condition. While the human body weight is bound to fluctuate, a persistent loss which is beyond 5% of your weight in less than three months could be a sign. Do get yourself checked at the earliest.

2. Loss of appetite.

Do you have to often remind yourself to eat? Do you feel that your appetite has been thrown out the window? While something as simple as an upset tummy could be the reason, it is often cited that a “Loss of appetite” is a telling characteristic of a serious health condition.

3. Sudden, unexplained feelings of fullness.

Have the proportions of your food significantly shrunk in size? If you haven’t been a light eater all your life, this could spell danger to your system. It is often not restricted to what you eat, but also about the amount you eat. While several factors such as allergies, stress, recent surgeries, and viruses could be responsible, the symptom calls for a health check-up at the earliest.

4. A lump on the right side of your abdomen.

A mysterious lump in any area of the body is one of the most common symptoms of cancer. While most of these lumps go unnoticed in their nascent stages, it is imperative that you keep an eye out for strange lumps in any area of the body. The self-check can be done every once in a while, post-shower. In the case of liver cancer, the lump usually surfaced on the right side of your abdomen. So watch out for the early sign.

three-person-looking-at-x-ray-result-1170979 Here are some of the warning signs of the early stages of cancer that you have been overlooking. EVG photos/Pexels