Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II’s second child and only daughter, was known for being a “free spirit.” In the documentary “The Real Princess Anne,” released in 2002, her being free spirited landed her into some troubling positions.

“Sometimes her free spirit led her into trouble,” said the narrator. “Doing as she’s told has never come particularly naturally to her,” she added. One of the particular “troubles” she repeatedly faced was in regard to a very simple and mundane task: driving. The Princess Royal often got in trouble with the law for going over the speed limit.

“She got her first speeding fine when she was 20 and went on to get four more,” the narrator stated. “She was even banned from driving for a month,” the narrator added. Here are Princess Anne’s speeding violations and their corresponding penalties.

1972 (Age 22): Written Warning

Princess Anne was caught speeding on the M1 in November 1972. The Thames Valley Police decided not to prosecute, instead opting to let the Princess Royal off with a written warning.

1977 (Age 26): Fine Of £40

Unfortunately for the free-spirited young royal, she was caught once again speeding on the previously mentioned road in January almost five years later. She hit over 90mph in a 70mph zone, which cost her a fine of £40 at the Alfreton Magistrates in Derbyshire.

1990 (Age 40): Fine Of £150 And Driving Ban For 1 Month

Things escalated in 1990 when the then 40-year-old royal had once again been caught speeding. The Princess Royal pled guilty to two speeding offences in a Stow-on-the-Wold Magistrates court in Gloucestershire. Not only was she fined £150, but the royal also was banned from driving for almost a month. At that time, she claimed that she was “late for an engagement.”

2000 (Age 50): Fine Of £400, £30 For Cost And Five Points On Her License

The temporary ban had not seen the last of Anne’s mishaps with driving. In 2000, she was fined for doing 93mph on a 70mph dual carriageway — all while a police car was tailing her. The princess explained that she thought that the police car was an escort for her as she was heading to an engagement at that time. She was fined £400, ordered to pay £30 for costs and was marked five points on her license after pleading guilty.

Princess Anne 170926 Photograph by John Angerson. Official opening by HRH Princess Anne. of the Sammy Ofer Centre, London Business School, London, UK London Business School - Advancement / Flickr