Police have recovered at least 400 pieces of stolen women's underwear from the apartment of a man accused of attempting to rape a woman after invading her Alabama home in early July, authorities said.

John Thomas Uda, 27, was arrested after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home on July 10 in Dothan before attempting to sexually assault the victim and leaving her with several injuries. AfterUda's house was searched as part of the investigation, detectives found over 400 undergarments, consisting mostly of women’s panties and bras, at his residence, according to Fox News.

Law enforcement was alerted about the assault after the victim called 911 about a home invader breaking into her apartment. When the officers reached the area, however, Uda had already fled the premises. Police reportedly determined Uda's identity from a bill of sale for a gaming console that he had stolen from the victim's house earlier on July 1.

"We have a theory that some of the undergarments were bought online because there is a marketplace for that,’' Lieutenant Scott Owens said.

Uda reportedly has a history of stealing underwear in the past. He was previously confronted by police in 2019 for raiding his apartment’s community laundry room and stealing women's underwear, WKRN-TV reported.

When Police seized Uda’s electronic devices, they discovered over 50 photos of two acquaintances from the neck down and photos of one victim’s credit card information, according to reports.

Uda has been charged with attempted rape, three counts of burglary, aggravated criminal surveillance, two counts of illegal possession of a credit card, and 50 counts of voyeurism, the Daily Beast reported.

"If we can keep him in jail, the public will definitely be better for it,’' Owens said.

Uda is currently being held on a $1 million bond. Jail records do not indicate whether he has a lawyer.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 38-year-old stalker named Noriaki Horage of Kashiwa City, Chiba was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police for reportedly illegally producing a spare key and trespassing into a woman's apartment without her consent to steal some 21 pairs of her underwear, Latin Times reported.

“Since I was obsessed with her, I wanted to steal her underwear,” the suspect said.

In order to make a duplicate of the key, Horage allegedly took the original key from the victim's bag during working hours and then lifted the serial numbers off it. He also accessed the victim's personal information from a life insurance company's website and found her home address. The stalker was arrested on July 12 for unlawful access to the site.

Police reportedly recovered 400 pieces of stolen women's underwear from the apartment of John Thomas Uda, 27, after he was accused of attempting to rape a woman in her home in Alabama. Dothan Police Department

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