A 41-year-old Florida teacher, who was charged with having sex and an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old ex-student of hers, said that she is expecting a child.

Rey Valdes, a Doral police spokesman, said that Heiry Calvi did not mention the name of the father and didn't share how many months she was pregnant. She revealed her pregnancy during the prison intake process after she was arrested last week.

After submitting bond, Calvi was released from Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Saturday, reported Miami Herald. Along with Doral police, Miami-Dade School Board police has been investigating the allegations made against the teacher since March. She faced charges like offenses against students by authority figures; unlawful use of a communications device; lewd and lascivious battery and electronic transmission harmful to minors.

She fell under scrutiny last spring after the teen allegedly showed others a video of them having sex, according to PEOPLE.

An arrest report read that authorities were first informed about their relationship in March this year, and the allegations were reported to J.C. Bermudez Sr. High School. Calvi had taught the teenager at John I. Smith K-8 Center, and they bonded last year when she started tutoring him at his house, according to a police report.

Valdes said that officers searched the student's mobile phone and found "photographs that were certainly inappropriate, that indicate that there was in fact an inappropriate relationship."

Naked pictures of the teacher and the student were found along with a WhatsApp message thread in which the two wrote "I love you" to each other. Photos of the two together at Miami Beach and other locations outside school, an audio recording of the student telling an unknown other person to deny awareness of the relationship and alleged evidence that she let her credit card be used by the teenager were also found.

The student claimed the sexual encounters with the teacher were consensual, but Valdes said, “A child does not have the legal authority to give consent even though the child may say ‘this is okay.'" He added, "The responsibility is on the adult." Calvi did not comment on the allegations against her.

Following her arrest, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) issued a statement saying that they were disturbed by the arrest. "When the district was apprised of these allegations in March, the employee was immediately reassigned to a non-school site location." The statement also said that the district would begin employment termination proceedings and would make sure the teacher is prevented from getting future employment with this school system.

Student Luigi Lopresti, who couldn't believe Calvi's actions, called her a really good teacher, who knew how to explain things well.

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