Five children who were killed in the bouncy castle incident that happened outside an Australian school have been identified on Friday, Dec. 17.

The young victims were fifth and sixth graders from the Hillcrest primary school. The minors died after plunging about 30 feet from the bouncy castle that was whipped into the air caused by a gust of wind on Thursday, Dec. 16.

Among those identified were 11-year-old Addison Stewart and 12-year-old Zane Mellor. Both died in the freak accident that happened during a celebration of the last week of classes before the Christmas break in Devonport, northern Tasmania, the Post reported.

Aside from Stewart and Mellor, the other three victims identified were Jye Sheehan, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, and Peter Dodt. All were aged 12 and died according to

There were other young survivors in the bouncy castle tragedy. Three are listed in critical condition while one child has already been discharged from the hospital according to authorities.

An investigation is underway on the incident according to Tasmania police commissioner Darren Hine. They will probe whether the bouncy castle was properly tethered to the ground.

The weather forecast on Thursday called for light winds. It is another angle that investigators will look into as they check the wind speed at the time of the incident and determine if it was indeed a freak event.

Aside from these, Hine mentioned that they will also question the management behind the bouncy castle for added information.

The incident resulted in the ban of jumping castles at state schools in Tasmania. The Education Department said that this will remain in place until an investigation by police and WorkSafe can determine how the jumping castle at Hillcrest Primary School became untethered and flew 10 meters into the air.

“The Department of Education has policies and procedures in place in relation to holding a range of activities on school sites. These policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly,” a spokesperson said. “The Department of Education put a hold on the use of jumping castle-style equipment until the results of the investigation are known.”

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