Five police officers have been hit with charges for allegedly using excessive force against two Black men in a hotel. The incident involving the Miami Beach officers took place around a week ago.

A video was recently shown in the presence of Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements and Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, reported Miami Herald.

The four-minute clip featured 21 cops descending on a man in a hotel. He had allegedly hit a police officer with his scooter. The clip showed an officer repeatedly kicking in the head of the man who was handcuffed. Then another officer lifted him up and used force to slam his head to the ground.

Later, some officers spotted a man recording the incident. He was then slammed to a pillar, punched several times and elbowed in the rib cage and head.

The footage was a compilation of surveillance video from the lobby at the Royal Palm, and cameras worn by police.

Charges against Khalid Vaughn, who was held for using camera of his mobile phone, were dropped. He had been facing charges of impeding a police probe as well as resisting arrest with violence.

According to Rundle, using excessive force is not an acceptable solution, according to ABC News.

Clements promised to learn from this episode and then move on.

Officers David Rivas, Steven Serrano, Robert Sabater and Kevin Perez along with Miami Beach Police Sergeant Jose Perez were arrested on Monday. Fraternal Order of Police President Paul Ozeata said that the arrested cops deserve their day in court.

Prior to the arrest of Vaughn and Dalonta Crudup, a cop approached the latter regarding his illegally parked scooter. According to police, Crudup fled and while doing so, he hit one cop with his scooter and almost struck another officer. The injured officer was hospitalized and is on crutches.

As police started chasing Crudup, he ditched the scooter and reached the Royal Palm lobby. Then he ran into an elevator. But before the doors got shut, a police officer carrying a weapon, confronted him. Crudup stepped out of the elevator as instructed and got on the ground. Later, he was handcuffed. Twenty cops also ran toward the front of the elevator, with many surrounding Crudup.

Rundle said that’s when, “the situation begins to change from criminal arrest to investigation of use-of-force.”

The cops' arrest comes after many protested over police brutality following George Floyd's death last year.

Police Arrest
Representational image. Pixabay.