As a young aspiring artist, Shawn Mendes never thought that uploading his covers on Vine would get him far. Now this Canadian cutie is not only one of the most adorable singers of his generation but a certified heartthrob as well. Here are 5 moments that explain why girls just can’t help but gush over him.

1. When he performed for his fans at a parking lot in Toronto

After his tour with Austin Mahone in August 2015, Mendes made jaws drop when he did a live performance and a Q&A at Universal Music Canada’s parking lot in Scarborough. During his performance, a crazed fan failed to contain her excitement that she rushed to the stage despite a hoard of security.

2. When he raised money to build a school in Ghana

Mendes launched his #BuildaSchoolwithShawn campaign just two years after he entered the entertainment business. Because of his huge following, his campaign was quick to spark a worldwide trend on Twitter, allowing him to exceed his goal to raise $25,000 to build a school in rural Ghana in partnership with Pencils of Promise.

3. When he showed his fans how cool he was as a son

Like most artists today, the “Switch” singer loves sharing snippets of his life via Twitter. One time, he made fans chuckle off their feet when he shared how he pulled a joke on his dad. “My dad doesn’t know how to change his wallpaper. So me and my sister found a picture of an infected toe and now he’s stuck with it. LOL,” he tweeted.

4. When he released his third self-titled studio album

His third album may have included a handful of jittery, radio-friendly, upbeat tracks like “Nervous” and “Lost In Japan,” but the best thing about this album that made fans love him all the more was the set of uniquely mature, emotionally personal ballads he sang. His duet of “Like To Be You” with Julia Michaels certainly made hearts skip a beat.

5. When he performed with Miley Cyrus at the Grammys

Well coordinated with their black sleeveless outfits, Mendes and Cyrus took the recent Grammys by storm when they performed their own rendition of the Canadian singer’s “In My Blood.” The performance started with Mendes on the piano, and then he took the whole thing to another level when he made his way to the main stage and introduced Cyrus.