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A registered sex offender from Honduras was arrested by authorities Thursday after he illegally re-entered the United States. Juan Dias Pineda was apprehended in Michigan by Border Patrol agents from the Detroit Station after receiving a tip-off.

According to The Detroit News, a concerned citizen had relayed information to agents from the Detroit station on the presence of Diaz-Pineda who was staying in White Lake Township. The 51-year-old sex offender was convicted April last year on charges of criminal sexual assault of a person under 13 years old.

In a statement released by US Customs and Border Patrol officials (CBP), agents swooped down on Dias-Pineda at about 5 pm on Thursday. His status is now being processed for a Reinstatement of a Prior Order of Removal and was presented for prosecution to the United States Attorney’s Office for violation of a ruling on the Re-entry of an Aggravated Felon.

Upon his conviction, he was sentenced to 207 days confinement on top of a 5-year-probation. On May 6, an immigration judge ordered Dias-Pineda removed from the country. He was formally deported back to Honduras on June 9.

"Our streets are safer with the criminal off the streets and out of our community," Acting Chief Patrol Agent Robert B. Simon assured local residents. "I am extremely proud of the fast and professional work these Agents completed in a small timeframe to remove him from the streets of Michigan."

While the US Immigration continues to deal with growing issues of illegal immigrants, the Biden administration reportedly is looking into paying $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants who have been separated during the Trump administration.

Dozens of House Republicans have demanded answers from the Department of Homeland Security along with the Department of Health and Human Services in an effort to voice their severe concerns over the planned payment.

"Do, however, note that these persons crossed into our country in a knowingly illegal manner, fully aware of the consequences of violating our rule of law, “ the letter reads. “It would surely send a message to the world that our borders are open and our rule of law will not be enforced.”

Lawmakers have since charged the Biden administration of incentivizing illegal immigration since his first day in office, calling out his border policies as “the worst self-inflicted border crisis in history.”

United States Border Patrol agents
Migrants, who were detained trying to cross into the United States undetected, wait to be searched by United States Border Patrol agents in Sunland Park, New Mexico on September 1, 2021. Photo by Paul Ratje/AFP via Getty Images