A 51-year-old man was arrested and charged with brutally raping and battering a woman who he held captive for five days in Florida.

The accused was identified as Charles Tanner who was arrested in Brevard County on Wednesday for the devious acts that went down on June 3 according to an affidavit for an arrest warrant.

He remained in jail without bond on Friday pending his arraignment that is scheduled for July 26.

It was on June 8 when the female victim, identified only as A.H., showed up at a neighbor’s home in the middle of the night, naked and with bruises.

In the affidavit, it was detailed how the woman was repeatedly violated, including that with a cucumber and a corn cob by Tanner.

Moreover, the woman also got battered and whipped with an electric cord, and denied food and water. She was also reportedly threatened with a knife by the male suspect.

The woman told police that she knew Tanner for five years and that both had been in a relationship. They broke up about a month ago.

On June 3, the woman allegedly went to Tanner’s home after the man offered to give her any drugs she wanted.

Both were high for a couple of hours and Tanner eventually demanded sex as payment for the drugs.

They had consensual sex for an hour before things took a different turn. This happened when the woman told the 51-year-old that she was in a relationship with another man.

“The defendant then kicked A.H. in the head,” the affidavit read. “Over the next several days the defendant would beat A.H. with a closed fist and berate her about being unfaithful during their relationship].”

Tanner would smoke methamphetamine throughout and force himself on the woman. The victim claims she was battered at least 10 times and raped with plastic toys.

She was unable to escape at the time with Tanner allegedly sleeping on top of her or in a recliner blocking the bedroom door. She eventually managed to slip away from Tanner as he slept, running to a neighbor’s home for help.

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