A 53-year-old man jumped to his untimely death after he leaped from a 32-floor skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan on Monday morning. The man was pronounced dead at 10.25 a.m., shortly before the cops had arrived at the scene, as his corpse was claimed by the authorities on the 10th-floor balcony at 390 Madison Avenue.

While the identity and age of the deceased man have been withheld by the police, the officials revealed that it came to their understanding that the man in question was an office worker. The information is yet to be confirmed. A recent report suggests that the uptown Manhattan address was home to several tenants including the banking giant JP Morgan.

In other news, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to register a steady uptick across the globe, Governor of New York, Cuomo has reportedly put the planned resumption of indoor dining in New York on hold.

The sudden detour from the plan has a lot to do with an increase in COVID-19 cases despite the fact that the fatalities in New York City are stabilized now.

The nod to permitting indoor dining at the end of October finally came through after months of silence from the city and state as to how restaurants and eateries could survive amid such challenging conditions. After much contemplation, an increase to 50 percent on November 1 was agreed upon.

But, things continued to remain ambiguous as the deadline hit. On Monday, Cuomo overlooked the questions hinting at the same at a press conference and suggested that he was 'looking at the data' and would be able to offer more clarity 'soon' but left it at that.

The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide no longer uses the term “commit” in regards to suicide because the word carries a negative connotation. They recommend to use the terms "completed suicide," "took his/her life," or "died by suicide." Photo: MIKE CLARKE/AFP/GettyImages

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