A 58-year-old woman was reportedly beheaded by a 35-year-old man in a province in the Philippines following a dispute over the sale of a carabao.

The woman was identified as Gelly Recodo, a resident of Sitio Pisong, Barangay Dian-ay, Escalante City. Also wounded during the attack was her niece, Bernalyn Abranilla, who is also from the same village.

According to Lt. Col. Roberto Indiape Jr., Sagay City police chief, in a report by the Manila Times, the two women were walking at the market when they crossed paths with the suspect identified as Randy Maniego.

Maniego allegedly demanded his share from the sale of the carabao that took care of for almost 12 years. The 35-year-old man allegedly demanded that Recodo pay him PHP 10,000 ($178) for his efforts but the 58-year-old could only cough up PHP 3,000 ($53).

This angered Maniego who drew his bolo and chased the two female victims across a sugar field.

Abranilla was injured but managed to get away. However, Recodo was not as lucky. She stumbled and Maniego caught up to her and beheaded her.

After that, the 35-year-old was spotted by terrified locals carrying the head of Recodo by the hair. They called local village officials and the police for help.

A village watchman was reportedly able to arrest Maniego and then turned him over to the Sagay City police.

Maniego, in an interview with local media, showed no remorse for his actions. He said that he was seeking vengeance on Recodo who he said was selfish for not giving him his fair share of the money from the sale of the carabao. He added that they were now even.

It was added in a report by the Manila Bulletin that Maniego was depressed and had planned to kill Recodo the night after. The outlet added that police were also able to recover the bolo used to behead the 58-year-old woman.

The 35-year-old man is now facing murder and frustrated murder charge over the incident. He is currently detained at the Sagay City Police Station.

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