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Thinking of changing your look in the coming year? It's a great time to do so as the new year marks the perfect opportunity to start fresh. There are many opportunities for self-expression and joy that come from lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and more. Let's take a look at the beauty and make up trends that are expected to reign in 2023.

Maxine Christians, make up artist and Jillian Dempsey ambassador, said that "2023 will be our renaissance," according to TZR. The expert feels that 2023 will be "a time for so much creative expression, but without the force.”

Some of the must-have foundational pieces of all 2023 looks are tinted moisturizer with SPF, clear and tinted eyebrow gels and waterproof mascara, as per celebrity make up artist Andrew Velazquez.

There are more beauty and make up trends that you can look forward to in the coming year.

Gemstone make up look
Gemstone make up look. Photo by: sipa/Pixabay

Delicate gemstones

Celebrity make up artist and founder of BAKEUP Beauty, Jo Baker, said that playing with "texture, sparkle, and embellishments is a major trend that is on the rise." The expert feels that it will continue to be seen "on and off the red carpet as we head into 2023." She said that gemstones are a gorgeous way to add a subtle touch of sparkle to any look. You can use them around your eyes, as embellished freckles, or to contor your lips, reported InStyle.

Graphic eyeshadow

Keita Moore, a celebrity make up artist and Maybelline brand ambassador, said that he has been having a lot of fun experimenting with bolder shadows with his clients using eye shadows. He shared that it is a great way to create a "focal point and experiment with fine detail work in such a small area."

Bare skin or the no makeup look
Bare skin or the no makeup look. Photo by: Victoria_Watercolor/Pixabay

Bare skin

Women are expected to opt for a more minimal make up look. Celebrity make up artist and Chanel Beauty Brand Ambassador, Tasha Reiko Brown sees cleaner skin retuning in early 2023 and a "strong lean towards a more natural coverage and techniques." Brown noted that while baking and contoring have taken a more relaxed approach in recent times, she sees the trends totally disappearing in favor of a "less sculpted approach that really respects the natural contors and shape of the face."

Sunburn blush, blush draping

Trends like sunburn blush and blush draping have been reigning on red carpets, and it's something that will continue into 2023. Moore feels as though a pop of color using blush is the "perfect way to add color back into your skin." It gives a "beautiful soft finish."

Brown lipgloss

On TikTok, Glossier has been promoting its now-viral Balm Dotcom collaboration with Swiss Miss brand, and now people are obsessed with this limited-edition product. TikTok user Victoria Lyn’s campaign showcasing the collaboration has more than 10 million views. Also, Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb in Hot Chocolit started trending in September after Kimberley Possible’s video that she shared in August. Steph Hui’s clip of her trying the product in September also has more than 6.4 million views. These trends clearly show that TikTok can’t get enough of a shimmery and subtle brown tint gloss.

Bright shimmery eye shadow look
A woman wearing gold shimmery eye shadow. Photo by: Gromovataya/Pixabay

Bright pops of color

According to CORQ, vibrant and bold eye looks will be trending next year. Bibhu Mohapatra, Halpern, Alice + Olivia, Germanier, Paul & Joe and GCDS had bright pops of color included in their beauty looks. They ranged from color block eyeshadow to purple eyeliner to contour using vivid pigment. TikTok users have long been experimenting with dramatic eyes, and beauty influencers have now moved towards dark and shimmery shades of blues and greens. Make up artists will likely start using more matte shadows.

So, in addition to your fitness tricks, know which beauty trend will suit you the most, and then glam up.

Eye shadow palette
Eye shadow palette. Photo by: Ri_Ya/Pixabay

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