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Every year beauty enthusiasts await the predictions of industry experts. Following a pattern and based on the popularity that had a certain product in the last months of the year, plastic surgeons, dermatologist, make-up artists, and beauty journalists share what would be those products that will go viral.

Oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor, Maryam Zamani, is sharing her top 4 predictions with Latin Times. According to Zamani, the following beauty trends will maintain their popularity during 2018.

4 Beauty Trends Predictions For 2018

  • Bespoke skincare and color matching

We've already seen the explosive response to Fenty Beauty! "I believe consumer demand will continue to grow for bespoke skincare and color matching services," said Zamani. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, totally changed the game by launching her Fenty Beauty line, but other brands exist that also bet on inclusiveness, providing the market with the diversity that both Afro-American and Afro-Latina women needed.

Maybelline New York offers the FitMe! Range. The whole collection includes Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation, Fit Me! Pressed Powder, Fit Me! Concealer and Fit Me! Blush, in every skin color complexion to provide the consumers natural and flawless results from every angle. Also, BECCA Cosmetics has on the market an innovative color products that flatter a wide range of skin tones.

  • At home treatment

With many people leading busy lives there needs to be a way to create a spa at home. Expect to see growth in masks, derma rollers, and massage gadgets for home makeovers. Keeping a healthy skin should be a constant job, whether you are using homemade products or relying on quality brands.

In 2018 you can try beauty products with the gentlest, kindest, most effective natural ingredients mother nature created, like the YLLO’s skin care, created to drawn out impurities, leaving your skin moist, baby soft, smooth and happy.

A must try is the Garnier Super Hydrating Sheet Mask. The water-based sheet mask with hyaluronic acid deeply re-hydrates skin in just 15 minutes for an intensive weekly treatment. Packed with antioxidants, the mask helps skin retain moisture throughout the day by restoring the skin barrier that is weakened by stress, UV rays and pollution.

If you are suffering from back pain you should have handy foam rollers to relieve the tension. Every morning or during the night after you come from work, roller wheels like Plexus help stretch and increase blood flow to specific parts of the spine.

  • Intelligent skincare that works synergistically together

"With the wealth of information on the market, consumers are more knowledgeable and skincare savvy than ever before and expect their products to be too," said the expert. L'Oreal Paris recently launched the Revitalift Cicacream, an anti-wrinkle that also works as a skin barrier repair. The fragrance-free cream will help you to fight the signs of aging and hydrate your complexion.

  • Cannabis-based skincare

"Cannabis infused products will likely become more trendy due to the plants anti-inflammatory and calming properties and increased access to the plant," the surgeon added. California just legalized the marihuana, which is a huge step for brands like CBD For Life. The brand produces highly innovative, natural, luxurious, and effective Cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products using 99% pure CBD extract derived from stems and stalks of industrial hemp.

Their revolutionary formulas combine CBD with nourishing essential oils and other active ingredients to aid in reducing pain, inflammation, and stress while promoting anti-aging, rejuvenation, and vibrancy.​

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