People around the world have many ways of celebrating the New Year, including the firing of guns. Unfortunately, the repercussions of doing so are dire.

In Karnataka, India, a 34-year-old reportedly died after he was accidentally shot by another man who was planning to fire his gun to fire celebratory shots during a New Year’s Eve party at a residence in Vidyanagar.

Unfortunately, he ended up accidentally shooting the guest who was standing beside him, identified as Vinay U.

The accused, identified as Manjunath Olekar, was reportedly loading the gun at the time before he accidentally pressed the trigger according to GM Mithun Kumar, a police superintendent at Shivamogga.

He added that Vinay was also his son’s friend.

It was added that Olekar had a history of using his licensed firearm in previous years, particularly with the arrival of the New Year.

"A firearm can be used only in certain circumstances. Not to fire in the air to celebrate," Kumar said.

Vinay was rushed to the hospital for treatment of his injury. However, he died on Sunday evening, BBC reported.

Kumar also added that Kumar went into shock and collapsed following the incident.

According to the Times Of India, the 67-year-old collapsed and eventually died after seeing Vinay in a pool of blood. It is believed that Olekar had died of a heart attack.

The incident shocked the people of Shivamogga that even those who did not know the businessman went to Olekar’s house to pay their respects.

"I just felt sad, so I went to pay my homage," an unnamed resident said.

In related news, one person is dead while nine others were left injured following a shooting on New Year’s Eve in Mobile, Alabama, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

The incident reportedly happened around 11:14 p.m. local time at the 200 block of Dauphin Street according to the Mobile Police Department.

The deceased was a 24-year-old male while other victims aged between 17 and 57 years old were rushed to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police also added on Sunday, Jan. 1, that they had a suspect in custody in connection with the shooting. He is currently being treated and will be transported to Metro Jail where he will be charged with murder.

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