Angelica Rivera
Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto's wife Angelica Rivera is pictured as they are welcomed by German President Joachim Gauck (unseen) at the Bellevue presidential palace in Berlin, Germany, April 11, 2016. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

The fact that Mexico’s First Lady, Angelica Rivera, is living an extravagant and lavish life is no secret to the country or the rest of the world. In fact, Spanish publication El País brought up a series of facts explaining (or reminding us) why the former telenovela star has opted for indifference instead of action; luxury goods instead of social causes, and social magazine covers instead of in-depth interviews.

Rivera has yet to take up on a social cause and work towards it in the impoverished nation, yet she thinks she is being dutiful by accompanying her husband, President Enrique Peña Nieto to official events, while wearing outfits that probably cost up to 10 times what a person making minimum wage would earn in a year.

  1. The 'white house' scandal: In 2014 a new millionaire property acquired suspiciously by the couple was revealed and in the midst of a political scandal due to conflicts of interests, she had to take the blame. To do this, she addressed the nation angrily, explaining she had bought the house with the money she earned by working for the last 25 years in Televisa. She also said if this bothered people so much, she was going to sell the property… except she never did.
  2. The lack of cause: In the past, most First Ladies take on the Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) to help in numerous ways, but as El País says, “Rivera has chosen to be a wife instead of a First Lady” and has not attended a single DIF event so far this year. There is not one social issue that Rivera has worked on, or even shined light on.
  3. Her website: We’ll have to take the Spanish publication’s word about the content of Rivera’s website,, since, as you can see, it was taken down after the article was published. The site reportedly contained very little information about her “Main Projects” which also included accompanying her husband to events, and a couple of photos of her visit (to which she brought her daughters, of course) to the set of “Downton Abbey.”
  4. Her bios: [The ones that are still left] are vague and clearly written by a political-speech-writing intern who has mastered the art of using a lot of words to say nothing. “I participate in diverse public activities, keeping my attention focused on the care my family.”
  5. The luxurious wardrobe: Just like the ‘White House,’ Rivera allegedly spends thousands of dollars on her deluxe outfits, and still, while this information should be open to the public, it is unknown where the money comes from. It wasn't until recently that Rivera started wearing Mexican designers' clothes; before that she only wore international luxury brands from Gucci to Dior.
  6. Her magazine covers and stories: Just like her bios, Rivera has mastered the art of giving empty, shallow interviews to publications. In fact, it was a magazine story about her beautifully decorated home that exposed the scandalous 'White House.' "Social events," "Her beautiful daughters," or "Hectic trips" are some of the headlines that accompany the superficial stories.
  7. The good wife: In a country that needs serious women empowerment leaders, Rivera not only fails as a leading lady, but she insists on being seen as the devoted, weak wife who only uses her time to looking good for her busy husband.
  8. The imminent divorce: To make matters worst and add to the annoying façade of the devoted wife, rumors of the couple’s marriage being completely setup have began to swirl again as the two love-birds have failed to hide their dismay for one another in diverse public appearances.

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