'Shades Of Blue' Starring Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez stars in "Shades Of Blue" on NBC. NBC

Jennifer Lopez is not only on television as one of the judges on the final season of "American Idol," she is also starring in a new drama series on NBC called "Shades Of Blue" that premieres tonight. The show centers on Harlee McCord (Lopez), a single mother and detective recruited to work undercover for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force. Part of a close-knit unit known for its conviction record, Harlee has become compromised by her colleagues — all of whom also pitch in to help her raise her daughter — and finds herself faced with the moral dilemma of working against her cop brothers in order to redeem herself. Now, these are the reasons you can't miss "Shades Of Blue" every Thursday...

1. JLo Kicking Butt: We love watching our Bronx diva kicking butt. From the previews we've seen, it looks like the series will have a lot of action and Lopez carrying a gun and acting all tough. Count us in!

2. Jennifer Lopez Is Producing: JLo is one of the producers behind this series along with Ryan Seacrest. It's something to be proud of that Lopez is creating opportunities for herself and representing Latinos on television.

3. Latina Actress In A Lead Role: We don't like to pull the race card, but there are not that many shows on network tv that have a lead Latina actress. If we support this, we are sure to get tv execs interested in producing more content with Latinos as the stars, just like "Jane The Virgin" and "Telenovela."

4. Ray Liotta: Do we need to say more about this legend. Reason enough to watch!

5. Drea De Matteo: Yes, Drea from "The Sopranos," "Desperate Housewives," the ill-fated "Friends" spin-off "Joey" and many more shows is back! We can't wait to see what kind of drama her character brings on to the show.

6. "American Idol" Final Series: Ryan Seacreast and Jennifer Lopez will be unemployed following the finale of "American Idol" this year. They are counting on this show to have a secure venue on television as who knows when another project will surge for them both. We are sure not long because they are both active securing jobs, but still, it'll be nice to know something will return for a second season.

7. Casper Smart Will Guest Star: Yes, JLo's lover will have a role in the series as one of the villains. It will be short lived, but we can't wait to see them interact on-camera together.

"Shades Of Blue" will premiere tonight 10pm ET/PT and air every Thursday on NBC! Will you be watching with us?

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