The British monarchs and their relatives have long been part of our society’s fabric. Their sprawling properties, their crowns and jewels and all those royal protocols — there are just so many things about the royal family that fascinate us. But while the picture-perfect image of these royals make us believe they aren’t like us in any way, the truth is that even Queen Elizabeth has her own share of awkward and embarrassing moments, too. Here are moments that prove that the members of the royal family are just like us.

1. When Queen Elizabeth was caught picking her nose

In 2014, Queen Elizabeth attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show and she was photographed picking her nose while watching the race.

2. When Prince George fell down a hill

The royal kids can be savage, too. While attending a polo event, Princess Savannah Phillips was caught pushing her cousin, Prince George, down a hill, and the prince ended up with bruised knees.

3. When Prince William sneezed in public

While on a royal tour, Prince William was photographed sneezing. He tried to control it, but he failed. That’s something even commoners can relate to.

4. When Meghan Markle accidentally flashed her bra

Last year, the Duchess of Sussex attended the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks. Just when she was about to be photographed, the top of her dress slightly parted, showing off a bit of her bra.

5.  When Kate Middleton’s heel got stuck in a grate

During the 2013 St. Patrick’s parade, the Duchess of Cambridge drew attention after the heel of her four-inch pumps got stuck in a grate. She had a hard time pulling it out.

6. When Prince William dozed off during church service

Just a few days after the birth of his third child, Prince William attended the annual ANZAC Day service at Westminster Abbey. At first, he was caught looking sleepy during the service. Minutes later, he fell asleep completely.

7. When Princess Charlotte made a scene during her brother’s christening

The three-year-old princess and her family had just attended the christening ceremony of Prince Louis when they came across a bunch of photographers. She sassily told the strangers, “you’re not coming to the reception.”