The British royal family attracts a lot of interest from all corners of the world. The royalty’s polished and restricted lives bring an air of mystery that entices the public. This interest is coupled with questions one could not just answer. Here’s a list of questions most asked by people about the royal family.

1. What will happen if Queen Elizabeth II dies?

If the Queen dies, the world will know through traditional and modern ways. The announcement will be posted on the British Press Association and then will be confirmed to other publications all over the world. A footman in black clothing will post a notice in front of Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles, the one next in line to the throne, will give a speech to the people. An accession declaration will take place the next day in which Prince Charles will be proclaimed as king.

2. Where does the royal family get their money from?

There are several ways the royal family could fund the British monarchy, which costs $368 million per year. The Sovereign Grant (the taxpayers’ money) and Privy Purse (the British sovereign’s private income) are two of the royal families’ sources of income. Prince Charles and the entire Prince of Wales’ family get to pay their expenses through the Duchy of Cornwall.

3. What do Prince William and Prince Harry do?

Before the royal siblings Prince William and Prince Harry were tied to their duties as prince, they were in the military. Prince William is a military pilot and paramedic. The Duke of Cambridge has always wanted to have a military career, but royal protocols prohibit assigning him to dangerous areas. Prince Harry has also undergone military education, and he had served in Afghanistan for some time.

4. Are there photos of Prince William naked?

It’s public knowledge that Prince Harry has a naked photo of him out in the public. While he was said to be “nude,” his crown jewel was actually covered in the photo. TMZ posted it online. The search words “Prince Harry naked” has a total of 14,800 searches per month.

While Prince Harry’s photo is available on the Internet, Prince William’s naked photos are not. A site reported that naked photos of the Duke of Cambridge exist but has never been seen by the public. The phrase “Prince William naked photos” is searched 1,600 times per month on average.

4. Who is Meghan Markle’s ex-husband?

Trevor Engelson is Meghan’s first husband. He is an American film director whose projects include “Remember Me,” “Outpost 37” and “The After Party.” Engelson and Meghan were married for two years and got divorced in 2013 due to irreconcilable differences.

5. What is Kate Middleton’s worth before marrying Prince William?

The Duchess of Cambridge’s personal net worth amounts to $7 to $10 million. Kate’s family owned an online party store called Party Pieces, which is worth $50 million. Because of her marriage to Prince William, Kate is now also married to the family’s $88-billion fortune.