The 7 Worst Telenovelas Of 2017 On Univision And Telemundo

We love telenovelas and both Telemundo and Univision have offered its audiences many projects throughout 2017. Some have been hits and others have been complete flops. As this year comes to a close, let's look back at some of the worst telenovelas we saw this year.

7. Mariposa De Barrio

We were all hopeful that this Jenni Rivera series would be juicy as it was a tribute to "La Diva de la Banda". Angélica Celaya was not our favorite pick to be Rivera and we were kind of spoiled already because Luz Ramos did an amazing job in the unofficial series "Su Nombre Era Dolores, La Jenn Que Yo Conocí" that aired on Univision. Celaya looked like Jenni at times, but like Celaya said, she didn't have to look like the "Mariposa de Barrio" she just had to be the essence of her. That was the problem, we just didn't see that essence of Rivera in Celaya and that was a major turn off.

Another turn off was that it ran like a telenovela and it was a long story. Yes, Jenni's life was interesting, but it sometimes felt that it kind of dragged and in the end everything happened so fast. The pacing was inconsistent and it was a fail for us.

'Mariposa De Barrio' Jenni Rivera Telemundo Series Angélica Celaya transformed herself to play Jenni Rivera in the new series. Telemundo

6. El Señor De Los Cielos: Season 5

Aurelio Casillas has become a comfort character for U.S. audiences and it still manages to score huge ratings for Telemundo, but it looks like it's wearing out already. Season 5 was sluggish and more of the same that we saw in Season 4, there's just not much of a story to tell and situations drag on for weeks. Casillas has become a cartoon character by now and constantly keeps repeating his catchphrases as writers know that was something that audiences liked.

To make matters worse they kill Mónica Robles at the end of the season? What's the point?

'El Señor de los Cielos' Telenovela Season 5 Season 5 of the Telemundo series ended and there was a blood bath. Find out what happened here! Telemundo

5. Sangre De Mi Tierra

We were intrigued with this Telemundo offering as it had fresh faces as leads with Ana Belena and Lambda García. However, the story seems not fast-paced enough and situations stagger making this not enjoyable. The ratings have not been on its side and we wouldn't be surprised if the Spanish-language network ends with with a "To be continued" as soon as it finds a replacement.

Lambda García, "Sangre De Mi Tierra The new primetime telenovela has locations in California and Florida. Find out who stars in the Telemundo series here! Telemundo

4. Guerra De Ídolos

We were hyped up for this Telemundo production as it felt like it was a Latino "Empire", but we were strongly disappointed. We feel that the central storyline was not focused enough and there were a lot of characters to keep track of. The first couple of episodes were surrounded by a lot of negativity and we just never found any hope with these characters. Yes, the music industry is tough, but the way the plot was set, there wasn't a character to root for really.

"Guerra de Ídolos" was ratings-challenged and moved to Saturdays where it fared even worse and ended with a "To be continued."

'Guerra De Idolos' Telemundo Telenovela A new musical series from Telemundo is about to start and we have a sneak peek! Telemundo

3. Hoy Voy A Cambiar

Univision has struggled all year to have a hit at their 10pm time slot as Telemundo dominates that period. With an effort of airing something a little more controversial, the network aired a bio-series based on the life of Lupita D'Alessio that has alcoholism and drug addiction issues in her past. The central character was rich in story, but the production was awful.

Televisa has been at the production game for many years and it's horrible when the lead actress (mainly Gabriela Roel) was horrible at lip-syncing when she was pretending to be Lupita on-stage. Let's not even get started on the horrible wigs the fake "Yuri" wore during a scene.

'Hoy Voy A Cambiar' Univision The Lupita D'Alessio bio-series is coming to the Spanish-language network and we have all the details here! Televisa

2. La Piloto

In an effort to create a multi-season telenovela series like "El Señor de los Cielos" and "Señora Acero", Univision commissioned "La Piloto" starring Livia Brito. The series turned out to be awful, with a storyline that is trying too hard to be its competition. Let's hope that a second season is scrapped because we sure are not tuning in.

'La Piloto' Telenovela Livia Brito stars in "La Piloto." Televisa

1. La Fan

The worst telenovela of the year has to definitely go to "La Fan" starring Angélica Vale on Telemundo. This was such a travesty as Vale is such a talented actress. The comedy situations were too forced and didn't seem genuine. Although Angélica is extraordinary and comedy is what she does best, we don't feel that this character was fit for her and never made sense. We understand that the idea of the whole telenovela was something she came up with, but with a different cast and more ease on the over-the-top comedy, this could've been a solid series.

La Fan" Telenovela Angélica Vale and Juan Pablo Espinosa star in Telemundo's telenovela "La Fan." Telemundo

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