Danna Paola Talks 'La Doña' Telemundo Telenovela Sequel

One of Telemundo's telenovela hits is "La Doña" and there are talks about a sequel as the finale was open-ended. Danna Paola, who played Aracely Arambula's daugther in the series, says that she would loved if it happened. "People are asking for them to make a second season and they are in talks," she told People En Español. "The finale was open, many people were left wanting more, and find out what happened and believe me, I would love it. I think it was a great project and it at least deserves a short second season."

Danna Paola says that "La Doña" has now been made available in a popular streaming platform and more people have been tuning in. "Now that it's on Netflix I think a lot of the people that didn't watch it on Telemundo have now had the opportunity to watch it and they all love it," she added. "If they made a second season, I would love it, call Telemundo. 'La Doña' is literally going around the world. It's impressive what this beautiful project that I enjoyed a lot has achieved. It was a character that made me grow a lot, as an actress and as a person and that has been iconic in my career."

“La Doña” is a tale of revenge, ambition and seduction revolving around “Altagracia” (Arámbula), an elegant, beautiful and successful woman who runs a construction empire and enjoys widespread respect in society. A series of major traumas early in life left their mark on Altagracia and made her the implacable “Doña” she is today.

“Gallegos’ novel has been adapted successfully for film and television before, but what makes this new TELEMUNDO version different is the story, set in modern times” commented Luis Silberwasser, president of Telemundo Network. “Audiences are increasingly demanding more realism in our telenovelas, and ‘La Doña’ addresses contemporary issues through believable characters with whom viewers can identify with. Violence against women, corruption in politics and business, and the economic crisis many countries in the region are experiencing are just some of the topics that anchor this story in current times.”

Despite her considerable success, Altagracia is missing something in her life: true love, which she discovers for the first time when she meets Saúl (Chocarro), an attorney who defends the victims of gender violence and all young women fighting for a way out of unemployment, poverty and overpopulation.

Paola plays “Mónica,” a lovely young woman from a humble background with a compassionate and optimistic attitude toward life. Mónica is Altagracia’s daughter but was raised by her father, who kept the two of them constantly on the move to stay away from her mother. Despite the responsibility of caring for her invalid father, Mónica has grown into a resourceful and hardworking woman. She makes her living as a street vendor, facing and reflecting the realities of this difficult job, so widespread in Latin America.

Jones is “Yesenia,” Altagracia’s aunt, an ambitious woman who reads Tarot cards and dabbles in spells and fortunetelling. Her character symbolizes all of those who believe in the power of magic and look for shortcuts to rewrite their destiny.

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