Telemundo is airing the last episode of "La Doña" tonight starting at 8pm ET/PT. The telenovela that starred Aracely ArámbulaDavid Chocarro and Danna Paola will come to an end in what is sure to be a dramatic finale. Shooting of the last episode of the series came months ago and it is expected to be different than previous versions. The Spanish-language network will live stream the last episode on their TelemundoNOW app the following day, but a cable subscription is needed for the service. How do you think the telenovela will end?

What was "La Doña" telenovela on Telemundo about?

“La Doña” is a tale of revenge, ambition and seduction revolving around “Altagracia” (Arámbula), an elegant, beautiful and successful woman who runs a construction empire and enjoys widespread respect in society. A series of major traumas early in life left their mark on Altagracia and made her the implacable “Doña” she is today.

espite her considerable success, Altagracia is missing something in her life: true love, which she discovers for the first time when she meets Saúl (Chocarro), an attorney who defends the victims of gender violence and all young women fighting for a way out of unemployment, poverty and overpopulation.

Paola plays “Mónica,” a lovely young woman from a humble background with a compassionate and optimistic attitude toward life. Mónica is Altagracia’s daughter but was raised by her father, who kept the two of them constantly on the move to stay away from her mother. Despite the responsibility of caring for her invalid father, Mónica has grown into a resourceful and hardworking woman. She makes her living as a street vendor, facing and reflecting the realities of this difficult job, so widespread in Latin America.

Jones is “Yesenia,” Altagracia’s aunt, an ambitious woman who reads Tarot cards and dabbles in spells and fortunetelling. Her character symbolizes all of those who believe in the power of magic and look for shortcuts to rewrite their destiny.

Who was in the cast of the Telemundo production of "La Doña"?

In addition to the lead actors mentioned above, the supporting cast includes Diego Soldano, Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Gabriela Roél, Odiseo Bichir, Fátima Molia, Andrea Martí, Carlos Torres, José María Galeano, Daniela Bascopé, Mauricio Isaac, Rodrigo Murray, María del Carmen Félix, Michelle Olvera, Leo D’luglio and Mario Moran.