A seven-year-old boy was caught after he broke into a home and cooked rice, ate all the meat, and drank the milk found there. He also stole two phones and N4,000 (US $9.64 approx.).

According to a report by the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, the boy had opened the padlock with a key to gain entry into the home in the Olomi area of Ibadan, Oyo State on June 23.

The child is reported to have opened the wardrobe and stolen the money and two cell phones kept there, reports said.

He then went to the kitchen, cooked rice in a kettle with a camp gas stove, ate all the meat, and drank all milk he found there.

He began to cook rice again and is said to have left the kettle on the burning stove when he went to the home of an elderly woman in the neighborhood

He gave the phones to the woman and ran out of her home, telling her that he would be back after a while to collect them.

When he returned to his place of operation, the rice he had left on the stove had gotten burnt, however, this did not stop him from eating what was left.

When he heard footsteps approaching, the boy ran to the backyard, where the homeowner found him.

"Unfortunately for me, one of those living in the house met me there but I told a lie that it was a boy who came there to steal," the boy said.

"I have broken into four houses in the last two days before I was caught today (Thursday)," he added.

During interrogation, the boy confessed to having given his grandmother N2,000 before returning to the home.

The homeowner, Musibau Fatai said: "The boy ran to the backyard when he heard footsteps. We met all doors ajar and saw him at the backyard. When asked about who went into the house, he said it was a boy. He said he knew the boy and took us somewhere but we found nobody. He told us again that he knew where the boy kept the flask in which he put the rice he cooked. He took us there and brought out the flask."

"He promised to bring the boy to us if he sees him. We became suspicious that he must know something about the house-breaking and stealing. We told him that we suspected him and would report him to the police. That was how he started confessing that he was the one who broke in."

The homeowner said that they did not report the boy to the police considering his age and also because they didn’t want to spend money and time pursuing the case with the police.

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