Ever since she became royalty, Meghan Markle has become the subject of rumors and controversies. Prince Harry, on the other hand, is no longer unfamiliar with this position. Now that the two are married and are expecting their first child, they have become the central figures in conspiracies, which range from adorable to downright bonkers.

Already, people are starting to think that their royal baby could one day take over both America and the UK. Other people also subscribe to the idea that Meghan is a robot. Here are other crazy and intriguing conspiracies involving the royal couple.

1. They are the original Sam and Joanna in “Love Actually”

This one isn't as bad as the others. In fact, it is adorable because of how eerily accurate it can be. For those who don't know, “Love Actually” is a Christmas romance film that features a number of love stories, including the story of adorable kids Sam and Joanna.

Joanna is a biracial American who likes to perform in front of an audience, like Meghan. In the film, she is a singer admired for her stage presence and appeal. 

On the other hand, Sam is a red-haired British young man with a fairytale view of romance, like Prince Harry. One doesn't actually have to look that hard to find their similarities. The Duke of Sussex once admitted he knew Meghan was “the one” the moment they met. Sam is the same way in that he likewise believes he'll find that one special person who's meant for him.

The crazier thing about all this is that Sam was also dealing with the tragic death of his mother at such a young age, which many believed was parallel to Harry losing his mother, Princess Diana, when he was only 12.

2. The royal family used their clout to keep Meghan and Harry's relationship a secret

The couple didn't reveal their relationship until 2017, but there were a lot of rumors surrounding their romance. One is that the royal family reportedly blacked out a broadcast of the “This Morning” show after the interview with Harry and Meghan focused on their rumored courtship. The show claimed it was the result of technical difficulties, although people theorize it was what the royal family wanted the public to believe after they stepped in to stop discussing about Meghan and Harry's status.

3. Meghan's wedged shoes got her into trouble

The Queen doesn't like royal women wearing this type of footwear. In one royal engagement in Fiji, the Duchess of Sussex stepped out to greet people in her Castañer espadrille wedges. 

However, she was only there for 6 mins instead of the planned 15 mins. Fans speculated that Queen Elizabeth II couldn't wait to get her out of those damned shoes, which is why the event was shortened. The real reason, however, is because Meghan wasn't feeling well due to the pregnancy. In fact, the whole trip had to be shortened because of it.

4. The duchess isn't really pregnant

While some are busy worrying about Meghan and Harry's child being the ruler of two ponds, there are also people who think that there's actually no baby at all. The pregnancy is apparently no more than just a publicity stunt. Conspirators went so far as to scrutinize photos of the duchess to prove that the baby bump isn't real. 

They say that everything about it is suspicious. They think her supposed belly button is placed wrong and that with far along the pregnancy, an expecting woman wouldn't be able to easily bend as low as Meghan apparently does. These people think that there is actually a surrogate behind the curtains.

Is this even remotely possible? Royal family fans know all too well that a royal bride gets pregnant not long after the wedding. It's almost a tradition, and Meghan and Harry are just being part of it.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle conspiracy Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, during a musical performance as they attend a Commonwealth Day Youth Event. The two have been the center of many conspiracy theories, which have only intensified since they got married. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images